» My Charity: Baza Education

BazaBaza Coorporation mainly called BAZA Education. We are not for- profit public organization with 510(c)(3).

BazaBaza Coorporation is set up by a group of young Africans, residing in USA, and are concerned by the state of education in the world least developed countries. Baza Educaton is the main project of the corporation.

Our purpose and mission is to promote higher quality education in rural zones in Least Developed Countries. (LDCs)

Since April 2012, we have been operating in Togo (West Africa) by implimenting an intensitive free after school program consisted of supplementaty instructions and tutoring sessions to under served students. Also we have made available scholarship for kids who could not ever afford a basic education, school supplies for kids especially the orphans at the beginning of the school year. During the schools year we have free balanced food for kids before classes. In addition a small financial support to the tutors who are mostly college unemployed college graduate students.

The project support financially 115 tutors recruited among graduate students and retired teachers, and deployed in nine (9) localities, including Vogan, Djagblé, Sagbado, Agoè, Cacavéli, Adakpamé, Adétikopé, Tsévié and Kara. About 1683 Students have been reached, supported and empowered, some to pass their class, some to pass the state graduation exams. During this three (3 ) years of the project the overroll of success among the students is 94%.

Education specialists as Dr Vincent Agboto Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, supervises the program and the training of our tutors via the local comity and email.  Baza vice president Dr OCloo Atsu handles the nutrition of our students. Reverend Pastor Emmanuel Mawussi is in charge of the spiritual growth of the kids.

We will be glad if an opportunity is given to us to visit your congration or meet your comity and to tell more about this noble cause we are addressing in our commnunities in Africa.