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EM Blog, EM Now, EM On Facebook | 22 November 2016

How to handle yourself when God shuts down the sun over your life by Eunice Bazabaza Mawussi

—in Isaiah 60 is says that the sun shines for every human being and we all enjoy its rays when it is right. But it if it is too hot, we all dislike it and prefer to stay home and enjoy the air conditioning. The sun shines for good people and evildoers too.

When God becomes your sun and your light that means something special is going on between you two. You know His voice and He knows yours. For God to take time and shine for you everywhere you go, it has to be a two-way relationship. You have to make time for Him, which seems to be difficult these days what with all the advance technology. The social networks like Facebook, twitter, harmony and are taking more of our time and energy; living in so stressful environment and with loneliness is forcing people to find partnerships in those sites.

Even couples are suffering from loneliness. They are living under the same roof, but it feels like the closest person to them is a million miles away. They are trying to avoid each other to minimize the drama and the pressure. If you are feeling like that, allow God to shine over your relationship. How? By consecrating more time to God and doing everything to start family prayer time with your spouse. Cut the time you spend on that social network chatting with people you never met.

People are chatting with demons but they don’t even know it and the devil is using those chat rooms to gather more information about people’s lives. I always say it: The more the devil knows about you, the easier it is for him to destroy you. Before you know it, all your free time is taken away. How much time do you spend online surfing or watching the latest movies? To have family back you have to have God as your sun, give Him your time, in fact your lifetime.

You have to make time to read the Bible, but that is the most difficult thing to do and yet the simplest. We all postpone it all the time. We say, tomorrow I will read the Bible and the next thing you know it is another Sunday and you take your Bible to church unread. However, even this is fading away because of technology. The pastor will put the scripture on the screen so you don’t have to bother to open the Bible anymore. So even at church you haven’t opened the Bible yet.

The pastor will preach on faith and you get very excited and jump up and down because faith comes from hearing the word of God. But how long will the pastor’s words carry you? This situation is similar to a bad alternator in a dying car. You can test the batteries with a voltmeter and depending on how it reads with and without a load, you can determine whether your alternator is failing to charge the battery when the engine is running, or if the battery is the problem. One of them is failing and it forces the other one to overwork and progressively die.

The spirit of God and your spirit need to work together in order to keep you going and running smoothly. The spirit of God is the Holy Spirit that is assigned to be with you, that is the battery. You are the alternator and reading the Bible and adopting a successful prayer life will keep your engine, that is your soul, going well.

A well cared for spirit is in good relationship with God. When you become ‘bad’, then the Holy Spirit will start to do everything to gain you back. He will try to talk to you, perhaps in a dream or through a friend or your conscience. He is overworking like the battery to keep the car running, but when it reaches a point when the battery can’t take it anymore, that means you are not listening, then He uses the big guns, that is trials, to get your attention. The sun of God will be shut down in your life for a while until you come to your senses. Even though this is not the only root for trials in our lives, most of the time it helps us to see well after a long time in the dark.

There are three type people when it comes to going through trials. The nonbeliever, believer number one and believer number two. What you pray during the trial will determine the size of your blessing.

When the nonbeliever is going through trials, they curse God. The devil makes sure that the nonbeliever blames God for every bad thing that happens. The devil displays the whole thing as if God has a cruel side. The devil switches your focus from their needs to the incapability of God. I remember how some people of my village in Africa who are pagans, blamed God all the time when there was no rain or if there was a loss in their family or a misfortune happened to them. But, as soon as something good happened to them they made sacrifices of gratitude to their idols. For them, God is the bad guy and the devil is the one who provided them with everything they needed.

In America the way the devil deals with people is more sophisticated. People rely on themselves, their jobs, their savings, technology and the government. So when they are going through trials, they don’t require God at all and they curse God for allowing the worst to hit them.

Believer number two is the person that believes in a higher being or a saint or a prophet, for example, St. Marie, St. Andrew, St. Paul, Buddha, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, etc. They might know a lot about him or her, but they really don’t care how it all works.

When those people are going through trials they call upon these higher beings to make a way for them. They know deep down that their hope is based on uncertainty. Most of the time they take the easy way out. Let say you lost your job. You have been in that job for years. You are very devastated by it. What do you? Get in prayer and ask God for it next for you. Most of the time we bet bitter toward the whole situation and go find another job without consulting God. May be God allow this misfortune in your so you can start a business on your own; you never know.

Believer number three is the person that confesses and believes in the name of Jesus. If you see yourself in this category, please pay attention to what I am about to say. The way you handle your dark hours will determine the level of brightness from the sun that comes after. The way you climb the mountain will determine how grounded you are going to be when you are the top, please do not take the easy way out.

I knew a lady that had three kids and was struggling financially to take of them. The kids were little and the daycare was taking all her money, but as a single mother she had to work. One day her car broke down, but she still had to go to work so she called one of her coworkers that liked her a lot and asked for a ride. The man used to ask her out, but she didn’t want to give in.

One day after dropping the kids off at the daycare, the co-worker told her that he wanted to pass by his apartment to grab something. When they got there, the man invited her in and raped her in his apartment. She was already hurting emotionally because she was recently divorced and she did not report him because she was tired of the court system.

She was in a custody battle and she knew how the court system worked. The man had no right to violate her, but she was grateful that he helped her since her car broke down, so she kept her quiet not knowing that the worst was about to hit her.

After two weeks she missed her period. She was pregnant. She already had three little kids. She cried day in and day out. She told the man, but he told her to abort the baby and that he did not want to take any responsibility. She had no choice but to have the baby and give it up for adoption.

All the way through the pregnancy, she suffered and almost ended up on the street, but she kept the baby. Soon after she gave birth God had opened a heavenly door for her and the baby went to a nice couple. God blessed her with a nice job, a good husband that supported, loved and took her to the highest level in life.

Can you imagine what would have happened to her if she chose to abort the baby? She had every reason to do so. This what the Spirit is saying to you: “It is time for you to pick the broken pieces, get up off the floor, wipe your tears and drools and start walking again with your head held high. A brighter day has come”. Even though you are going through the lowest valley, you need keep your frequency of operation high. That is the key of getting over grief and depression. You need to stay connected to the throne chat room. A paragraph from my book “Where Was God”

Have a bless day

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