Eunice Mawussi Official website. Welcome to the official website of Togolese Reggae/Gospel singer, writer and Philantropist Eunice Mawussi. Eunice Mawussi Official website. Follow Eunice Mawussi. Togolese Reggae/Gospel singer Eunice Mawussi Mawounedalo Eunice Mawussi, originally from Togo, Africa, came to the United States in 2001 to fulfill the call on her life as she creates life-changing music and message for The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a leader in her own right, Eunice has a proven record of hard work, commitment; relationship buildings and compassion to help the enfants les plus vulnérables of our society improve their conditions. With her vision, she founded Baza Baza Corporation. Baza Baza Corporation is a not for profit organization that promotes education and the well-being the world around. The organization works with community-based partners to empower communities by improving literacy and self-sustainment opportunities through innovative initiatives to raise the quality of life in areas in dire needs. With a background in management from the University of Lomé in Togo and a degree in Radio and Broadcasting from Iowa, United States, Eunice continues to make significant contributions to music and writing. In October 2010, she published her first book “The Call” and her first music album “I’m Lovin’it”. Thousands of books and music album copies were sold and hundreds of them given away for fundraising at charity events. In 2011, she published her second music album “Baza Baza”. In October 2013 she published her second book “Where was God?” which is going to change the nature of our prayers to God and her third music album « Game Su”. Eunice had done several tours in the United States and had performed at charity events. She continues to promote her vision and mission through the African diaspora, charity and religious events around the United States.

EM Blog, EM Now, EM World | 13 May 2017

Have you answered your Call?


“The world is like a business for God,” says Eunice Mawussi, author of
the book The Call. “Just like the old parable about rattling
bones, the world needs individual insurance agents, accountants,
supervisors, security and, yes, even lawyers to work together or we
will live in a world of chaos.”

Not sure where you fit in? Mawussi says you have to listen to God as He
calls you, and then you should start asking questions to learn exactly what He
wants. Too often, people get wrapped up in serving a church instead of
God or attaining material goods, and forget to ask where their place
and job is in God’s world.

“God has established a unique calling for everyone,” explains Mawussi,
“but too often we fail to respond for so many reasons. The
requirements seem too demanding, so we move on with our lives and
ignore the Call. Just like a business, the church of Christ needs to
operate together as one body and one soul and one spirit.”

In an inspirational and uplifting interview, Mawussi can discuss:

• The Call as a divine assignment
• Passing on the anointing of God to the next generation
• Learning about God as a young girl in Africa
• Why the church has lost its power
• Changing your ‘oil’ through fasting and prayer
• Turning a talent into a calling
• The difference between a seasonal calling and a lifelong calling

Eunice Mawussi grew up in Togo, Africa and immigrated to the United
States in 2001. She has a degree in radio broadcasting and received
her ministerial certification from the Berean Bible College. Today she
is listening to her call by helping under privileged kids in Togo and spreading God’s word through her writing.

Get your copy today on her website

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